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Crack monitor zi-2.2 Combo options

  • Mr. Zi 

Starting in February 2020, we are changing the composition of kit zi-2.2. Now you can buy two kit options – Combo and Pro. We have developed new parts – Combo. They allow you to create many combinations of devices for observing cracks. It is their presence that distinguishes the new Combo set from the old Pro.

Your opportunities will increase many times. Use the Combo parts to set up your crack monitors in completely new positions. Have you anywhere else met crack monitors with such capabilities? And all this in a cheaper kit!

Soon you will be able to buy Combo parts separately from crack monitors. We will offer a kit for use with any other model zi crack monitors.

And now you can just buy this great crack monitor kit zi-2.2 Combo. Do not forget about our fast delivery in 7 days.

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