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Crack monitor zi-2.0

2020 model – Crack monitor zi-2.0

Download “Crack monitor zi-2.0 user guide”

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In 2020, we introduced a new model of crack monitors – zi-2.0. Its distinguishing features are economy and stealth. It has small dimensions (in the installed state 3×9 cm) and is completely made of transparent materials. In addition, we supply these crack monitors in packs of 30 pieces, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the price. But the benefits do not end there. The new model has specially configured plates at the attachment points. They increase bonding reliability. Also, the convenience of operation is increased due to the new method of temporary fastening of plates with each other. Rubber screeds can be quickly inserted into special slotted plates. And they will be locked in the zero position.

The first reviews about the new product were positive. Users emphasized ease of use. This makes it possible to quickly and easily install crack monitors in bulk on large objects. Minimum time is required with high quality results.

We hope you enjoy the new crack monitoring tool. You can buy it now in our online store.

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Crack monitor zi-2.0
(Kit 30 pcs)


Crack monitor zi-2.0 – 30 pieces

Rubber ties – 60 pieces

Instruction manual

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