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Сrack monitors (Tell-Tales)

Crack monitors ziCrack monitors “zi”

Crack monitors «zi-Monitor.comTM» are used by specialists for organization and observation of cracks in building and engineering constructions. These specialized professional tools are developed and made in Russia. Four models of crack monitors zi-2.2, zi-2u, zi-2s, zi-3d are being supplied to foreign market. And at the nearest future there will be adapted and proposed more models, e.g. zi-2.3.

Pay attention, that a fastener for crack monitors is never included in a set, it is acquired additionally. It is related with a large variety possible fastening methods. Thus fasteners should be selected according to specific conditions and installation site.

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Soon you can buy:

  • Сrack monitors zi-2.3 (soon)

Comparing crack monitors “zi”

The table below shows the main differences between crack monitor models.

Download a short catalog of crack monitors in pdf format

Model Picture Features Number of axles for visual monitoring on a scale (0,5-1 мм) Number of axles for accurate monitoring using calipers (0,001-0,1 мм) Mounting position Number of monitors included Additional parts included Branding possibility Manufacturer’s code EAN
Tell-Tale Pro
Crack monitor zi-2-2 Advanced model with additional functionality and a set of parts. Convenient and effective work with cracks in difficult conditions. 2 (X, Y) 1 (X) flat 10 55 or 64 White sticker on transparent plate ik201 4620038820058
Corner Tell-Tale
Crack monitor zi-2u Model intended for monitoring movement across a crack in a corner. We recommend double installation. 2 (X, Y) 1 (X) corner 10 11 White sticker on transparent plate or transparent sticker on a plate with a scale  ik211st 4620038820119
Three-axis Tell-Tale
Crack monitor zi-3d Model is designed to monitor the crack along three axes. 2 (X, Y) 3 (X, Y, Z) flat 10 10 White sticker on transparent plate ik209 4620038820089
Tell-Tale Custom
Crack monitor zi-2s Customized model. Allows you to flexibly configure the necessary features of the crack monitor and order the desired configuration. Eight variation + additional customization 2 (X, Y) 1 (X) flat 10 White sticker on transparent plate or transparent sticker on a plate with a scale  ik208  4620038820096

Tell-Tale Econom

 Economical, compact, inconspicuous and easy to use model of 2020 2 (X, Y) 2 (X, Y) flat 10 no ik031 4620038820270
zi-2.3 coming soon coming soon 2 (X, Y) 1 (X) flat 10 coming soon coming soon coming soon

*there are other configuration

Download a short catalog of crack monitors in pdf format

We also offer special accessories and fasteners for our crack monitors.

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2 thoughts on “Сrack monitors (Tell-Tales)”

  1. I would like to buy 50 monitors to test. I need a standard Telltale Crack monitor. How much will you sell for. Last year you guys told me around $10 each.

  2. I’d like to bus in bulk , 100 to start, need the standard telltale type,
    I contacted you last week.

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