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Crack monitor zi-2.2

Crack monitor zi-2.2 – is a professional set, including crack monitors, as well as supplements and tools for effective organization of observations of cracks in building constructions and engineering constructions.

Crack monitor zi-2.2 is supplied since 2014 to many countries of the world, including the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, Indonesia and others. This model has more features and gives wide possibilities to specialists for appliance in different conditions. The main its advantage is an advanced complete set with supplements and tools.  There are three ways of delivery, different in components included in complete set:

  • Pro complete set (order code ik201)
  • Combo complete set (order code ik201k)
Component name Quantity of components according to complete set
Pro Combo
Crack monitor zi-2.2 10 gauges 10 gauges
Additional installation platforms, in thickness 2 and 3 mm 20+20=40 pcs. 10+10=20 pcs.
Adjusting plate 3 pieces (1, 2 and 3 mm) 5 piece (1 мм)
Temporary fastening screws 10 pieces 10 pieces
Hex key (Spanner for fastening and reference screws) 1 piece 1 piece
Crack width gauge for spacing of crack monitor fastener hole 1 piece 1 (paper) piece
Corner combo detail 4
Nut combo detail 4
Screw​​​ M4 10
Self-locking nut M4​ 10
Instruction 1 piece 1 piece
Bay $135 $130

Crack monitor zi-2.2 has double-axis scale with calibration 1 mm for visual observation and two metallic reference points for highly-precise monitoring with use of electronic caliper gauge. Supplements let adjust height of monitor mounting on rough surfaces, as well as size split between monitor plates for compensation of possible deformations. For the period of mounting crack monitor plates may be fastened with each other with help of adjusting screws. Crack width gauge allows not only measuring crack width, but also marking holes for monitor fasteners with help of dowels. The complete set includes detailed specification in the English language. There is a video instruction, available for viewing by reference.

Crack monitor zi-2.2 Technical characteristics

Observation over crack monitor scale

Observation over crack monitor scale

    • At observation over crack monitor scale
  • Range of observations along the axis Х -15+20 mm
  • Range of observations along the axis У -10+10 mm
  • Division value 1 mm

At exact observation over reference points

Precise monitoring crack over reference points

Exact observation over reference points

Range of observations along the axis Х -15+40 mm (in positive direction measures are possible at way out of indicative cross outside, e. g. more +40 mm)

Accuracy depends on used devices for measurement. It is recommended to apply caliper gauges digital (electronic) with accuracy of measurement to 0,01 mm

Crack monitor zi-2.2 Construction

The conceptual construction and particularities of crack monitors zi-2.2 are shown on the schemes:

Crack monitor zi-2.2 scheme

Crack monitor zi-2-2 description

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