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Corner crack monitor zi-2u

Crack monitor zi-2u - corner tell-tale

This model is for observation over cracks, located in corners. Transparent plate of monitor is bent under angle 900 that allows making fastening in angle conjunctions of constructions. If the angle in site of crack monitor location is slightly (+- 100) different from right angle, it is possible to use epoxy clay under mounting site of monitor for compensation of deviation.

Crack monitor zi-2u has double-axis scale with calibration 1 mm for visual observation and two metallic reference points for highly-precise monitoring with use of electronic caliper gauge.

Technical characteristics

  • At observation over crack monitor scale
  • Range of observation along the axis Х -15+20 mm
  • Range of observation along the axis У -10+10 mm
  • Division value 1 mm

At exact observation over reference points

Range of observation along the axis Х -15+40 mm

Accuracy depends on used devices for measurement. It is recommended to apply caliper gauges digital (electronic) with accuracy of measurement to 0, 01 mm


The conceptual construction and particularities of crack monitors zi-2u are shown on the schemes:

Corner crack monitor zi-2u

Some features of the use you can find in the article about the Corner tell-tale


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