Crack monitor zi-2u - corner tell-tale

Corner tell-tale for monitoring cracks

Corner tell-tale (crack monitor) is needed when monitoring cracks located in the corners of structures – in the junction wall – wall, wall – ceiling or wall – floor, etc. Ordinary crack monitors (learn more about what crack monitors are) in such places is difficult to use – additional devices are required. Corner tell-tale installed in the corners is Read more about Corner tell-tale for monitoring cracks[…]

Gauge for three-axis monitoring cracks

We present you a new model – crack monitor zi-3d. This device is designed for triaxial monitoring of cracks with high accuracy. On the two axes, you can track the changes visually, using the scale of the monitor. And for a three-axis monitoring, a caliper should be used with a depth gauge. Our development has Read more about Gauge for three-axis monitoring cracks[…]

New universal crack monitor – zi-2s

Today we represent a new universal model of crack monitor zi-2s. It has a large quantity of modifications, available for order. It allows choosing exact construction of crack monitor in accordance with particular demands of a buyer. Crack monitor zi-2s has eight modifications and eight additional components, which are available for purchasing if necessary. We Read more about New universal crack monitor – zi-2s[…]

logo stiker for crack monitor

Your logo on our Crack monitor

Now we are presenting our new service for our foreign customers, a branding service. You may order to make a logo and other information about your company on crack monitor «zi». It is an excellent opportunity to advertise you company in every crack. Now your customers will know exactly who they should address to with regard to the problems in buildings and premises.