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Corner tell-tale for monitoring cracks

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Crack monitor zi-2u - corner tell-tale

Corner tell-tale pair installation Corner tell-tale (crack monitor) is needed when monitoring cracks located in the corners of structures – in the junction wall – wall, wall – ceiling or wall – floor, etc. Ordinary crack monitors (learn more about what crack monitors are) in such places is difficult to use – additional devices are required. Corner tell-tale installed in the corners is much easier. But you should know some features.

Features of using corner tell-tale

There are several of the most important features of using corner tell-tale (crack monitor), which we will discuss below.

Paired installation corner tell-tale

Corner tell-tale mounting crack

Figure 1

Why is pair installation corner tell-tale recommended by all as the most correct? Figure 1 shows the possible trend of movement of the crack, depending on its location. In many cases, it is not precisely known how exactly the crack propagates in the structures. We can only assume if there are no obvious signs. And if you install the monitor incorrectly, it will not respond to changes in the state of cracks. Installation of two corner tell-tale allows to eliminate this problem. But do not forget that crack monitors should be installed in different directions,  as shown in Figure 1.

Corner size at the installation site

Mounting tell-tale

Figure 2

You rarely see a perfectly right angle of 90 degrees. Also, the installation conditions of the crack monitor are not ideal. The specialist may experience other difficulties in their work. But modern materials come to the rescue. If you use an epoxy putty to mount the crack monitor, all difficulties can be quickly resolved. Fast fixing glue, with a consistency, like plasticine, allows you to properly install any monitor, not just the corner. Figure 2 shows two ways to fix surface problems at the monitor installation site. Use different possibilities to properly fix the monitor in difficult situations.

Additional features сorner tell-tale zi-2u

Corner tell-tale reference point

Figure 3

Crack monitor zi-2u allows you to perform accurate measurements with a caliper. For this, two metal reference points are provided. Accurate measurements of crack widths provide qualitative information that allows you to quickly analyze existing trends. The corner tell-tale zi-2u provides three options for the location of reference points (see Figure 3):

Option I (pro)
In this form, all monitors are supplied by default. Used primarily for accurate
measurements. Visual control on the scale in this case becomes less accurate.
However, working with a caliper becomes more convenient.

Option II (basic)
If you rearrange the reference point on a transparent plate (this is always possible),
then the visual control on the scale becomes the most accurate. But it creates some
difficulties when using a caliper for accurate observations.

Option III (pro+)
An enlarged set contains additional details. With their use, you can make the location
of reference points most convenient.

Thus, you always have the opportunity to customize the tool as needed for the most effective work.

For more information about the corner tell-tale (crack monitor zi-2u) click here.

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