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Not all monitors cracks are the same!

Why should you choose a zi-Monitor? A clear demonstration of the main advantages of this wonderful tool for monitoring cracks in buildings.


Crack monitor Zi-2.2 Other crack monitors
The accuracy of monitoring
 accuracy crack monitors
visual – 1 mm, instrumental – 0,01 mm (0,0005 in) visual – 1 mm, instrumental – not
Material points for precision measuring
 Material points for precision measuring crack monitors
stainless steel plastic or not
The quality of the installation on uneven surfaces
 quality installation crack monitor
it helps construction and additional parts it’s not easy
 components crack monitors
10 crack monitors ZI-2.2 + 49 items Crack monitors only
Other advantages ZI-2.2
 Other advantages crack monitor zi
Adjustable damping clearance, Temporary mounting fasteners, Scale Photopattern
Professional results?
 Professional crack monitor
yes it does may be

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